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"With all of Life's uncertainties trust a company with a mission"

Our Leadership here at Tactical Carry offers over 20 years' experience in Combat Arms, Armament, as well as Advanced Marksmanship. We are not your ordinary Firearm Training Company, for we have utilized all our past Civilian/ Military training and rolled it ALL into one amazing experience! Come check us out and see what all the talk is about.


Tactical Carry LLC


Tactical Carry LLC is a licensed training facility that offers weekly Permit to carry courses open to our public. We travel STATEWIDE 7 days a week for our private permit to carry classes. (We do require a minimum of 5 people to travel). We also offer advanced marksmanship, Basic pistol 101 and Advanced pistol courses. Call us to schedule 


Timothy Charles Mabbott 

Fantastic class, enjoyable, but most importantly, informative. Adam is a brilliant source of knowledge for anyone at any level.

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